Looking back at a week with few complaints and looking ahead to an icy Monday.

After a very good five day week to begin our school year students and teachers were all craving that weekend and the feeling of relaxing and catching up on sleep. I ended the day Friday finding out that the high school cheerleading team had challenged me ( and the assistant principal) to the ALS ice bucket challenge. They we gracious enough to give us the weekend (24 school hours) to make our plans and I am happy to say challenge accepted! Now we plan a way to allow some lucky students to dump ice on our heads. Sounds like fun right? Well at least it will be less painful than watching my beloved Browns look like a pee-wee team trying to play professional football. That’s a topic in itself so we can save that for some other Sunday evening.

I was trying to decide what to write about after a week of school and the roll out of our 1:1 iPad initiative at our school and realized the choice was easy… I will write about complaints. Wait, not what you’re thinking! We went an entire week, and there were quite a few bumps in the road, and if did not hear any complaints! Yes, you heard that right. We rolled out 425 iPads to kids, 40 for staff, had data errors, a password issue, kids missing from grade books, a long list of requested apps not yet uploaded, but through all if it excitement was overwhelming the complaints.

Teachers have researched apps, planned for new methods of instruction and taken all the bumps in stride. Students have proven they are smarter than we give them credit for, can help each other faster than we can help them, and care enough to show up every day ready to create.

Now we prepare for week 2 which includes meetings about SLO’s, picture day, the first home football game, and 90 degree heat indexes and I hope we can continue to inspire. I hope students come in prepared to learn and teachers can continue to utilize the technology in a manner where students can create, predict, analyze and learn at the highest level possible.

Oh.. And I need to figure out who to challenge next after I get doused with ice water. On to week 2!



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