Excitement and Trepidation

Two words that accompany the start of every school year. This year is a little different because all of our students in the high school, grades 7-12, are receiving iPads! The notice came to teachers about two weeks before school ended in May and throughout the Summer teachers have been actively looking for apps and ideas to utilize the iPads in their classroom this year. We reviewed many apps to end last year and my faith in the staff has never been higher as I saw the excitement on their faces back in May.

Now it is nearly August and as I try to get my mind into start up mode for school which is now less than two weeks away. I walk the nice clean hallways and see the football coach (he pretty much lives there and runs the place) at 2 a days¬†and the band director at band camp. Did I mention I got to help the percussion section last week? yeah… I love that!

Anyway, the realization that the year is upon us, the new staff has been hired and the classrooms are ready has woken me up! I feel excited again, like I do every year – which is why I still love my job. The trepidation is only due to the unknown. The truth is, education has not changed, just the delivery methods have changed. Students today learn differently then when I was a student and the resources we have available are VERY different than when I was in school 20 years ago… wow… I’m getting old.

Luckily I work with a great staff who are willing to keep learning themselves and this may very well end up being the most fun year of my career. Even with OTES/SLO/CCSS and whatever other acronym that “forces” us to be better. Our staff WANTS to be better. We will be better. I will be better. Every year presents the opportunity to do things better than before. I look forward to that opportunity every July/August and this year is no exception. Just a little different.

So to our younger staff members and our grizzled veterans I give the following advice (Mostly stolen from people much smarter then myself)
-Be the teacher you always wanted to have
-Know your stuff
-True Engagement takes Real Planing
-Keep the energy level high

I can’t wait to see everyone again!